About us

We have had Irish Red Setters since 2000.

Our 1st Irish Setter was Dión spod Zobora.

Photo: (c) http://www.dogsk.sk

Our 2nd dog was Edy spod Zobora.

Photo: (c) www.manonlescaut.net

Today, we have got 2 boys:

Icy Breeze Jay Slovak Base

(Photo: (c) Jakub Antoš http://www.abukantos.com)

and import from Hungary – Garden Star´s Red Bull “Zack”

Photo: (c) http://www.manonlescaut.net

and one sweet girl import from Sweeden: Copper’s Magic Glimmer “Guillien”

Photo: (c) Krzysztof Kapica

Today, we often go to the dog show across Europe with our Setters.

Glonek family